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About Me


hi, i'm jennie.

I moved from Texas to Arizona over 30 years ago after meeting my husband, Jim. We have two beautiful children, Alex and Erica. My accounting job did not fulfill my creative side nor was it allowing me enough time to be home with our children. I was thrilled when I found an option to bring in money while being a full-time mother. More than 20 years later, my kids are grown and I am still doing what I love to do–help women feel wonderful and project confidence to shine with their full potential.

Fashion comes from something natural in me that must have been given genetically from my mother, a driven, career woman who was an entrepreneur in the 1960’s. She had an impeccable eye for style in her interior design business and her personal Definitely Dramatic image. She was the epitome of fashion wearing an arm full of bangles before it was ever “in style.” 

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