Elemental Style

Jennie Recommends

Feng Shui

·      Rosanne Rusnock – ro@elementsandenergy.comwww.elementsandenergy.com

Ro is a consultant and teacher of feng shui. She shares her enthusiasm with those who would like to understand how their spaces affect the energy, health and happiness in their lives.


Fitness, Nutrition and Health

·      Gillean Barkyoumb –  | www.millennialnutrition.com

Millennial Nutrition is a health and wellness hub created by registered dietitian, Gillean Barkyoumb where she  shares health and nutrition tips through Instagram-worthy food pics, credible and intriguing articles. Topics include fun, trendy tips to stay healthy while still living a lifestyle of travel, food festivals and craft beer tastings.


·      Kelly DeSimone, OD - | www.eyepriority.com   480-893-2300

Eye Priority is recognized as one of the top optometry practices in Phoenix

  • Good Feet | www.goodfeet.com | Arch supports customized to your foot. Allowing you to wear even your most fashionable shoes


Clothing and Accessories

·      Premier Designs Jewelry by Kathy Hanchette –  480-460-4238  www.premierdesigns.com/chattykathy  |  beyond-diva@cox.net


·      Thirty-One Gifts by Emily Harry – | www.organizingemily.com


·      Ruby Ribbon by Lisa Liddy – LisaLovesJams@cox.net | 480-458-7205‬ | www.rubyribbon.com/pws/lisaliddy

Lisa is a shapewear stylist who will take great care in fitting you for fabulous undergarments that will flatter.                


·      Chico’s at Biltmore Fashion Square – Kimberly Morrell, Manager | 602-508-8422


Beauty Services

·      Jamberry Nailwraps and Lacquers by Lisa Liddy – lisalovesjams@cox.net | www.lisaliddy.jamberry.com



·      Cassandra’s Photography | Cassandra Sullivan - 508-335-2369 | http://cassandrasphotography.com/

Christine Lowell Photography | Christine Lowell - 480-276-5762 | christinelowell@hotmail.com