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Jennie is a true professional and is passionate about her work. She goes the extra mile to help me project my authentic style while being budget conscious. I especially appreciated her assistance in planning my recent European trip. The pieces she selected allowed me to have 32 different outfits with just a small number of pieces. She took photos of each one so I just consulted my iPhone when I selected my daily attire. I actually had room in my suitcase to bring home lots of souvenirs!
— Paula Osterday
Jennie and I had so much fun in my closet! Being a feng shui practitioner I understand the importance of purging and letting go of items that are no longer serving you. Jennie took out all the clothes that were not fabulous on me. She created so many new outfits with the remaining clothes and matched my jewelry and then took photographs of the outfits for me to remember. I loved my experience with Jennie. I no longer waste time in the morning wondering if an out fit will work...I really feel confident with the clothing in my closet. Thanks, Jennie!
— Ro Rusnock, owner of Elements and Energy
I asked for Jennie’s help when I was transitioning from college student to working professional. I had a budget I needed to stick to and Jennie was so resourceful in combining pieces I already owned with a few new clothing items for fresh, professional outfits. 5 years later, I still have the photo book she created for me with the various looks for any time I need inspiration! I highly recommend her services.
— Gillean Barkyoumb, owner of Millennial Nutrition
I have a small closet and it was stuffed full. Until I met Jennie, I would stand there And think, “I, have nothing to wear”. She organized my items, eliminated many things that were not my color or my size, and gave me thoughtful suggeations. Turns out, I had a great collection. Thank you!
— Kelly DeSimone, owner of Eye Priority
I thought my wife was crazy , paying someone to clean out my closet. Jennie eliminated 7 garbage bags of stuff. I felt like I was in a department store. She then provided personal shopping to replace items that were tattered and worn out.
— Chris DeSimone

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My titles include wife, mother, sister, co-worker, friend, team leader, advisor, image and skin care consultant, fashion stylist. I love, nurture, advise, listen, counsel and teach. Since I was little, I have loved fashion. Playing with Barbies, dressing them and attempting to sew my own creations was a favorite past-time. Now I have created a career to “play Barbies” with real women.